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New England Prompting

We use Telescript 
hardware and software.   

Our prompters range from 10" over the lens to 12",15" and 19" through the lens.  As well as 19" off-camera monitors, and 32" downstage/back of house monitors.

We can accommodate multi-camera to interview style, jibs, dollies and sliders, and many outdoor environments. 

We  are experienced in the Interrotron system for those who wish to experience the unique Errol Morris interview style.  

And with over 20 years experience, we can help provide rookies, professional actors and seasoned corporate and political leaders a positive teleprompter experience.
New England Prompting works with you to design and provide prompter custom solutions that meet and hopefully exceed expectations. 

We are proud to share a partial list of the clients we have helped over the years:

Boston State House
City of Boston
High Output Boston/Providence
SOS Commercial Productions
SDK Knickerbocker
Fidelity Investments
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Bank of America
John Hancock
D2 Productions